十大网赌网址U.S.A.公司. (hereinafter “Yamato”) endeavors to protect the privacy of its customers, 发货人, 收货人, 服务供应商, 第三方和其网站的用户. Please read this 隐私政策 carefully and in full before registering, 下订单, 使用 Yamato’s services or otherwise 使用 the websites at montgumry.com; yamatotmd.com; c2c.montgumry.com; and ys-reg.montgumry.com.

第一条. 定义


适用的隐私法 适用的国际, 州和联邦隐私法, including but not limited to the General Data Protection Regulation, the California Consumer Protection Act and New York Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data Security Act of 2019.
协议: The agreement between a customer and Yamato concerning the purchase and delivery of products or 服务.
个人资料: 个人 data concerns any information or data that enables Yamato to identify a natural person, 直接或间接, 通过引用任何标识符(如名字), 身份证号码, 位置数据, 在线标识符或一个或多个特定于您的因素.
隐私政策: 现行隐私政策.
处理: An operation or set of operations which is performed on personal data or on sets of personal data, 无论是否通过自动化手段, 比如收集, 记录, 组织, 构建, 存储, 适应或改变, 检索, 咨询, 使用, 披露, 传播或以其他方式提供的, 对齐或合并, 限制, 或擦除.
服务: All transactions and/or series of transactions performed by Yamato, the Yamato Group or their 代理 in any manner for or on behalf of their customers.
网站: montgumry.com; yamatotmd.com; c2c.montgumry.com; ys-reg.montgumry.com
大和组: 所有的父母, 大和公司在世界各地的子公司和附属公司,拥有共同的控股公司和/或品牌.

第二条. 隐私政策的范围

2.1 2.1 本隐私政策适用于您对本网站的每次使用,并管辖我们为提供服务而获取的个人数据的处理.
2.2 2.2 The Website may include references of third parties (例如 hyperlinks, banners or buttons). 我们不控制这些引用,也不对这些第三方遵守适用的隐私法律和法规负责. We recommend that you carefully read the privacy policies of the third-party websites you are visiting.

第三条. 收集的个人资料



  1. 姓名及地址详情;
  2. 关于订单或服务的信息, 包括运费的地点, 货物, 包, 家居用品, 运费和货物的描述, 护照/签证复印件, 驾照, 名字, 职称, 雇主, address details of shipper and consignee (and employees thereof) and other information necessary to perform 服务;
  3. 电子邮件地址;
  4. 电话号码;
  5. 用户名和密码;
  6. 付款细节;
  7. 招聘信息、简历.
3.2 我们的服务不要求, 我们的网站不收取任何费用, 敏感的个人数据,如健康数据.


  1. when you and/or our customers and their 发货人 and 收货人 choose to do so in order to be provided with 服务, 为了处理和完成交易, 并发送相关信息, 包括交易确认书和发票;
  2. by completing an application form for 服务 and 下订单 for 服务;
  3. 通过在本网站注册;
  4. when applying for a job via the Website; or
  5. when 使用 the Website, or contacting Yamato by 电子邮件, telephone or otherwise.
3.4 We will only process the 个人 Data in accordance with 适用的隐私法s as described in this 隐私政策.

第四条. 处理的目的和法律依据


We collect and process your 个人 Data solely for the purposes specified below:

  1. 履行协议或合同 或为了在签订协议或合同前根据您的要求采取措施:如果您决定通过本网站下订单, 电子邮件, 致电或填写服务申请表, your 个人 Data may be processed by us for the Performance of an Agreement or contract. This includes to process and complete the shipment transaction, 包括航运, 清关, 跟踪和追踪货物, making final delivery and sending invoice and billing information for the payment of 服务. Your 个人 Data is necessary for processing to also protect against, identify and prevent fraud and other prohibited or illegal activity. We do not process more 个人 Data than is strictly necessary for the performance of the Agreement.
  2. 交流: 您的个人资料可能被用于与您就我们的产品和服务进行沟通,并通知您有关您的帐户和/或使用本网站和我们的服务的重要事项, 处理任何投诉, the processing of any claims related to our 服务 and respond to and communicate with you about questions and comments. 如果您在网站上创建了一个帐户, we will keep the 个人 Data so that you do not have to enter it every time. 对于履行本协议和/或为了大和与您保持联系并向您提供客户服务的合法利益,处理个人数据是必要的.
  3. 营销目的: Your 个人 Data may be used to send a newsletter or announcement, if you have registered for it. 通过电子邮件与您联系以进行营销, 我们总是事先征求您的同意, unless it concerns offers about similar products that you have ordered. You always have the right and option to unsubscribe from mailings. 个人数据的处理是Yamato与您保持联系并向您提供类似产品和服务的合法利益所必需的,或者是基于事先同意.
  4. 客户服务: Your 个人 Data may be used to provide you with customer service. This Processing of your 个人 Data is necessary for the legitimate interest of Yamato to provide such services.
  5. 工作程序: 如果你通过我们的网站申请工作, your 个人 Data may be used by us to handle your job application. This Processing of your 个人 Data is necessary for the legitimate interest of Yamato to hire people.
  6. 使用数据: 当您访问我们的网站时, 我们将存储您访问我们的网站, 您访问过的网站部分, 您访问的日期和时间, 您的匿名IP地址, 来自设备的信息,如设备类型, 操作系统, 屏幕分辨率, 语言, 国家, 您所在的地区或城市, 以及您访问时使用的浏览器类型. We process this usage data in Matomo Analytics for statistical purposes to improve our Websites and to stop any misuse.
4.2 如果我们打算为收集个人数据的目的以外的目的进一步处理个人数据, 我们将在开始进一步处理之前向您提供有关该其他目的的信息和所有相关信息.

第五条. 将个人资料转移给第三方

5.1 我们不会向任何人出租或出售您的个人资料.
5.2 We share your 个人 Data within the Yamato Group in order to complete shipment transactions. 如果并且在某种程度上,我们将个人数据传输给大和集团内部没有足够保护水平的国家, 我们将同意与这些各方使用标准合同条款,以确保充分保护您的个人数据.
5.3 我们可能会与第三方供应商共享您的个人数据, 我们雇用的顾问和其他服务提供商,代表我们完成您与我们进行的交易或一系列交易,其中披露将使该方能够开展业务, 为我们提供专业或技术支持. 这些公司包括, 例如, 我们的支付处理提供商, 网站分析公司, CRM服务提供商和电子邮件服务提供商. 我们仍有责任确保我们的第三方代理和服务提供商按照我们的隐私政策要求的标准处理您的个人数据.
5.4 We may disclose 个人 Data about you as part of a merger, 收购, 出售或转让大和公司的资产或业务. 在这种情况下, we will take steps to inform you of the transfer either 直接或间接 through publishing the news of the transaction.
5.5 我们可能会根据法律披露个人资料, 国家有关规定, 政府和准政府的要求, 法庭命令, 传票, or to enforce our Terms and Conditions or other agreements; or to protect our rights or the right of our users or others. We reserve the right to release information that we collect to law enforcement or other government officials, 当我们, 由我们全权决定, 认为有必要或适当.

第六条. 安全

6.1 We take appropriate organizational and technical security measures to protect your 个人 Data and to prevent misuse, 遗失或变更. 除了, 我们限制这些员工访问个人数据, 代理, contractors and other third parties who have a need for 访问. 也, the aforementioned persons involved are bound by a confidentiality obligation, either in their employment agreements or (data processor) contracts.
6.2 We have internal safety guidelines in place which describes how to deal with a suspected 个人 Data breach. We will notify the relevant supervisory authority and the individual(s) involved if required under 适用的隐私法.
6.3 Unfortunately, no company or service can guarantee complete security. 未经授权进入或使用, 硬件或软件故障, 还有其他因素, may compromise the security of user information at any time. Among other practices, your account is protected by a password for your privacy and security. 您必须选择并保护您的密码,并在访问完您的帐户后通过退出来限制对您的计算机或设备和浏览器的访问,以防止未经授权的访问您的帐户和个人数据.

第七条. 保留时间

7.1 我们存储您的个人资料的时间,不会超过我们收集个人资料的目的所严格需要的时间.
7.2 If you are a resident of the State of California or in the European Economic Area (“EEA”), you may request Yamato to delete the 个人 Data at any stage, 视情况而定. If the 个人 Data is no longer required for the purposes for which we collected or otherwise Processed the 个人 Data, 我们将删除个人资料, 除非有保留它的法律依据.

第八条. cookie和网站跟踪


Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored by the browser on your computer. Yamato uses different types of cookies for different purposes.

  1. 严格必要的cookie:网站运行和保持会话所必需的cookie,不能在我们的系统中关闭. They are usually only set in response to actions made by you. You can set your browser to block or alert you about these cookies, 但网站的某些部分将无法正常工作. These cookies do not store any personally identifiable information.
  2. Functional cookies: cookies that are necessary for the Website to function properly, 包括创建帐户所必需的cookie.
  3. Analytical cookies: cookies that ensure that insight can be gained into how you use (parts of) the Website, so that Yamato can improve the Website and that it fits 当我们ll as possible with what you find interesting and important. Yamato does not use the data obtained with these cookies to study the use of the Website at an individual level, 但只在总体水平上.
  4. 目标cookie:由我们的广告合作伙伴通过我们的网站设置的cookie,用于建立您的兴趣概况,并在其他网站上向您显示相关广告. 它们不直接存储个人信息, but are based on uniquely identifying your browser and internet device. If you do not allow these cookies, you will experience less targeted advertising.
8.2 We only use third party cookies to improve the quality and effectiveness of the Website. For example, it uses Google Analytics, which is set up in a privacy-friendly manner.
8.3 大多数浏览器默认设置为接受cookie. You can set the browser to disable cookies or indicate when a cookie is being sent. 然而, 如果cookies被禁用,大和和其他网站的某些功能和服务可能无法正常运行.
8.4 您可以选择退出每个cookie类别, 除了必要的饼干, by clicking on the “cookie settings” button at the bottom of the page or in the applicable Website Cookie Notice. 本隐私声明适用于所有网站和服务, each cookie notice you will find on one of our Websites applies to that Website only and also does not apply to our 服务.
8.5 您可以选择不被我们的Matomo Analytics跟踪,并选择阻止网站汇总和分析您在这里采取的行动. 这样做可以保护你的隐私, but will also prevent Yamato from learning from your actions and creating a better experience for you and other users.

第九条. 你的权利

9.1 你有权利这么做 撤回同意 at any time, where relevant and when permissible under 适用的隐私法
9.2 你有权提出要求 访问 to your 个人 Data, where relevant and when permissible under 适用的隐私法. This enables you to receive a copy of the 个人 Data we hold about you.
9.3 你有权提出要求 修正 我们持有的有关您的个人资料, where relevant and when permissible under 适用的隐私法. This enables you to have any incomplete or inaccurate data we hold about you corrected.
9.4 你有权提出要求 删除 of your 个人 Data, where relevant and when permissible under 适用的隐私法. This enables you to ask us to delete or remove 个人 Data where there is no good reason for us continuing to Process it.
9.5 你有权利这么做 object to Processing of your 个人 Data where we are relying on a legitimate interest, where relevant and when permissible under 适用的隐私法. Insofar as the Processing of your 个人 Data takes place for direct marketing purposes, 我们将永远尊重您的要求. 用于其他目的的处理, 我们也将停止处理, unless we have compelling legitimate grounds for the Processing which override your interests, rights and freedoms or that are related to the institution, 法律要求的行使或证明.
9.6 9.6 你有权利这么做 请求限制处理 of your 个人 Data, where relevant and when permissible under 适用的隐私法.
9.7 你有权利这么做 申请转帐 向您或第三方披露您的个人资料, where relevant and when permissible under 适用的隐私法. 我们会提供给你, 或者你选择的第三方, 您的个人数据以结构化的形式保存, 常用的, 机器可读的格式. 请注意,此权利仅适用于您最初同意我们使用的自动信息,或我们使用该信息履行与您的合同.
9.8 行使上述权利, where relevant and when permissible under 适用的隐私法, 是免费的. 我们将立即向您提供有关请求后续处理的信息,在任何情况下都将在收到请求后45天内提供相关信息. Depending on the complexity of the request and on the number of requests, 这个期限可以再延长两个月. We will notify you of such an extension within one month of receipt of the request.
9.9 如果你的要求毫无根据或过分, 尤其是因为角色的重复性, we will either charge you a reasonable fee or refuse to comply with the request.
9.10 除上述权利外,您还有权随时向监管机构提出投诉. 然而, 在您接触监管机构之前,我们将很感激有机会处理您的担忧,因此请事先与我们联系.

第十条. 详细联系方式


如果有任何问题, complaints or in the event that you wish to make use of one of the rights mentioned in Article 9 of this 隐私政策, 您可以通过以下联系方式与我们联系:

地址: 1055 W. 维多利亚圣.加州康普顿90220
电子邮件地址: privacy@montgumry.com
电话号码: 1.877.949.4224
10.2 Yamato has also appointed a privacy officer, who can be contacted at: privacy@montgumry.com.

第十一条. 杂项

11.1 加州和特拉华州的法律要求大和公司表明,它是否尊重你的浏览器中有关定向广告的“不跟踪”设置. 大和遵守本隐私政策中规定的标准,不监控或响应“请勿跟踪”浏览器请求.
11.2 Yamato is entitled at all times to delete your account without notice. 在这种情况下, Yamato owes no compensation to the Customer as a result of the termination of the account.
11.3 Yamato reserves the right to change this 隐私政策 on a regular basis. It is your responsibility to regularly review the applicable conditions. This 隐私政策 is last amended and revised on December 18, 2020.
11.4 If a provision from this 隐私政策 is in conflict with the law, it will be replaced by a provision of the same purport that reflects the original intention of the provision, 所有这些都在法律允许的范围内. In that case, the remaining provisions remain applicable unchanged.
11.5 We do not knowingly collect or solicit personal information from anyone under the age of 13. 如果你未满13岁, please do not attempt to register or use our services or send any 个人 Information about yourself to us. If we learn that we have collected 个人 Data from a child under age 13, 我们会尽快删除这些信息. If you believe that a child under 13 may have provided us 个人 Information, 请通过privacy@yamatoamerica与我们联系.com.